I Need To Kill - Macabre - Gloom (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Ball says:
    The debut MACABRE release originally released on Decomposed Records on LP and later on Vinyl Solutions. There are some slight differences in some of the recordings. Recorded by Judd Sager. "Serial Killer" – - Henry Lee Lucas & Otis Toole "Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favorite Dish?)" – - Albert Fish "Mass Murder" -
  2. Malak says:
    Macabre "Gloom" TEMP OUT(RARE!) Macalpine, Tony "Edge of Insanity" TEMP OUT Macalpine, Tony "Maximum Security" TEMP OUT Mace "The Evil in Good" TEMP OUT Magic Circle "s/t" TEMP OUT Malice "In the Beginning" TEMP OUT Malice "License to Kill" TEMP OUT Malign "Divine Facing" 10" TEMP OUT Malmsteen, Yngwie J. "Odyssey" TEMP OUT.
  3. Mitaxe says:
    "Hey Laurie Dann" is in fact a cover version of The Leaves' "Hey Joe". Recording information: Co-produced by Macabre. Recorded at Chicago Recordings Co.
  4. Faezilkree says:
    MBL OLD MAN GLOOM Meditations in B - Silkscreened cover edition issued 05/04 - Limited edition: pieces - One time pressing: on black vinyl, 24 on marble grey vinyl, 2 on green vinyl - All proceeds benefited the Great Ape Survival Project - Out of print.
  5. Dailabar says:
    Macabre Cult figures in the Chicago metal scene for a number of years, Macabre is an odd little band, self-described "murder metallists" with a style that's actually pretty unique. They combine death metal, clean thrash, meaty metal riffs, and an odd penchant for nursery rhyme sing-song choruses, and their musicianship (at least on the recent.
  6. Mugar says:
    Gutterscream, June 1st, Written based on this version: , 12" vinyl, Vinyl Solution “ he killed young girls, cut off their buttocks, only the most succulent meat he would eat ” While ‘87’s Grim Reality rips and shreds the surface of what Macabre can concoct, Gloom massacres it with nineteen more tracks that were carved into.
  7. Nikokazahn says:
    Just to make it clear, I have the version with six bonus tracks. What can I say, this is outstanding. "Embalmer" was the first Macabre song I heard, and still remains one of my favourites, McMassacre is a real gem (foreshadowing McDahmers ;)), but my favourites here are the more sloppy, punk influenced songs ("Trampled To Death", "David Brom Took An Axe").
  8. Kazrahn says:
    Aug 26,  ·.Torrent Downloads: To download the links of ZeroMetal you need a p2p program (μTorrent®) Sunday, August 26, Home» '80, , Grindcore, Macabre, Thrash/Death Metal, USA» Macabre - Gloom.
  9. Maushicage says:
    May 31,  · Macabre (USA) - Gloom () This was the first Macabre album I heard, and I am not sure what exactly it was I expected but I really wasn't expecting it to be like this. From the get go, all of a sudden it's just this whirling frenzy of guitars, drums and bass.

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